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The eSiprint process is based on binder jetting technology, which is the most productive 3D printing technology on the market. Binder jetting has been widely used in the industry to create inelastic objects.

The eSiprint printing process

  1. A thin layer of silicone resin powder is evenly applied to the build platform.
  2. The silicone oil crosslinker solution is selectively applied to the powder bed by the Multijet print head, causing the silicone resin to chemically crosslink with the silicone oil and form a silicone rubber.
  3. The building platform is lowered by one layer thickness and the process is repeated until the desired object is completed.

Minimal waste

The uncrosslinked powder acts as a support structure when printing overhangs, which in other processes must be additionally printed and separated by manual finishing. After printing, the uncrosslinked powder is removed and can then be reused, resulting in very little waste.